Enter the 2021 Macleay Valley Business Awards!

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  • 7th April LAUNCH EVENT - 6pm
  • 7th April ENTRIES OPEN - 9am, ENTER HERE
  • 24th May VOTING OPEN - 9am
  • 6th June VOTING CLOSES - 5pm
  • 19th June GALA DINNER

We look forward to sharing the Awards announcements at the Business Awards Gala Dinner on Saturday, 19th June 2021!

Thank you to our amazing Awards Sponsors and to you, for celebrating local business with the Macleay Valley Business Awards.

About the Awards

Do you want to enter the 2021 Macleay Valley Business Awards?

The Macleay Valley Business Awards provides an exceptional opportunity to recognise and reward amazing businesses whose passion, determination and success inspire other businesses and business people. The Awards are about more than just winning. They are the perfect opportunity for entrants to take a fresh look at their operation and have it assessed by industry leaders.

The Macleay Valley Business Chamber celebrates the launch of its fourth year managing the Macleay Valley Business Awards and encourages all local businesses across the region to enter. The 2021 Macleay Valley Business Awards celebrates partnership support from local businesses again in 2021 and continue with our three year partnership with Coastline Credit Union as the Presenting Sponsor.

These awards are designed with 4 key focuses:

Creating an Opportunity for businesses to assess their past performance and plan for the future.
Creating opportunities to promote your business to peers and the broader community.
The winners to represent The Macleay Valley at a Regional and State levels and,
To build business growth, success, awareness and prosperity for the Macleay Valley.

There are two distinct Award Levels available:
1. Local Recognition Awards
2. Excellence Awards Aligned to the NSW Business Chamber Regional and State Awards

Other information:
• Businesses and organisations can enter only ONE category of the Local Recognition Awards.
• Businesses and organisations can enter into more than one category in the Excellence Awards of the NSW Business Chamber
• All Entrants MUST enter the Local Recognition Awards.
• Entrants are strongly encouraged to enter one or more of the NSW Business Chamber Aligned Awards.


Conditions of Entry

1. Eligibility for Entrants
To be eligible to submit an application you should be a Member of a local business chamber or the NSW Business Chamber or be prepared to join the Macleay Valley Business Chamber.

A business must enter ONE of the Local Recognition Award categories and is encourage to enter one or more of the NSW Business Chamber Aligned awards.

Members of the NSW Business Chamber Executive cannot enter into an individual award however, they can enter their business into one of the other categories.

Entries can be submitted online HERE or find hard copies at any Coastline Credit Union branch in the Macleay region.

2. Eligibility for Voting in Local Recognition Awards
Any individual or business can vote for a Local Recognition Applicant.

There can be only one vote per IP address lodged. You can vote for all Entrants if you wish however you can only vote for a single entrant once.

3. Judging Process
- A panel of independent business leaders will assess all entries to the Awards utilising a scoring system adopted by the NSW
Business Chamber.
- The judges will be recruited from outside the region.
- All information supplied to the judging panel will remain confidential.
- The decision of the judges will be final.

4. Confidentiality
All information supplied by an Entrant will remain confidential however each Entrant will be asked to supply a 100 word description of their business that be used for promotional purposes by the Chamber. By entering the Awards, you agree to have this information used for promotional purposes.

5. Social Media
The Macleay Valley Business Chamber will undertake a major social media campaign to promote the Awards through Facebook, Instagram and online. By submitting an application you agree that Macleay Valley Business Chamber can use the 100-word biography of your business in our promotion of the event.

6. Communications
By submitting an Awards entry, an entrant understands and agree for the Chamber or our Awards Sponsors may contact entrants in relation to the Awards process or promotions and entrant contact information may be provided to other parties for this purpose.

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