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The Macleay Valley Business Chamber has been launched with a brand new logo and website.

The original branding had been in existence for over five years and while Chamber was fortunate to be given permission to use the branding of Macleay Valley Coast during that time, the Executive believe that our new branding will provide opportunities to open up the network and promotional aspect of the chamber.

President Gary Scott said the Executive sees the rebranding as a fantastic opportunity for growth and to appeal to a new audience, especially leading up to our AGM this week.

“Macleay Valley Business Chamber is all about being inclusive. We are really keen and work more closely with the surrounding Chambers and local business”, he said.

“We believe there is strength in local business, in working together we can create a new focus the various industry sectors in the Macleay, provide opportunities to stage better, more relevant events and share those events around the Macleay”, he said.

We strongly encourage all local businesses to support Macleay Valley Business Chamber. “We are a voluntary organisation, led by an elected Executive Committee.The Executive maintains its strength and focus through the input of members” said Gary Scott.

The new logo was designed by Chamber Member Natalie Barnes from Creative Jane. Natalie said the logo uses the iconic traffic bridge within the MV as it is such a significant landmark for the Maclaey and symbolises connection and stability. The colours chosen are warm and welcoming while remaining strong and energetic.

The new website was developed by local business and Chamber Member, Macleay Designs after expressions of interest were called earlier in the year.

Executive Officer, Bernadette O’Sullivan said the new website not only looks great but is functional and user-friendly.

“The aim of the website is to provide a professional showcase of business in the Macleay as well as provide a forum for members to promote their business. By focusing more attention on the digital medium, the new website will ensure Chamber is providing relevant information for our members. It is also linked to our social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter so they will complement each other nicely”, she said.

Media Release 22 July 2015

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