2018-2020 Macleay Valley Business Chamber Priorities

The Macleay Valley Business Chamber Executive have drafted the 2018-2020 Chamber Priorities and invite comment by Members. The Executive have collated feedback from past member feedback and community feedback to define the priorities. The document aims to address both internal and external factors of the Macelay Valley Business Chamber operations and decision making over the next 2 years.

Key Objectives:

The key objectives defined for 2018 -2020 are:

  • Link Businesses across the Region
  • Build Pride & Social Cohesion through Community Celebrations
  • Ensure Viability of Markets
  • Showcase Business Excellence
  • Create Sustainable Income Streams
  • Create Long Term Vision
  • Make Chamber Relevant
  • Have Strategic Focus for Chamber

Macleay Valley Business Chamber Members are encouraged to watch the video below and share their thoughts on the Chamber direction via email to kempseychamber@gmail.com.

You can download the video content as a pdf here: Chamber Priorities 2018