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Macleay Valley Business Chamber welcomes all individuals and businesses to have an interest in the local business community.

Chamber members come in all shapes and sizes ranging from businesses, organisations and individuals concerned with the socio-economic climate of our community.

Membership fees cover the cost of administering and coordinating monthly meetings, special events and the ongoing costs of promoting business and economic development in the valley.

Membership Prices for 2022-2023 are:

  • Micro Business – Self Employed (home-based business) - $95.00 including GST Annual
  • Small Business – Less than 20 Employees - $190.00 including GST Annual Membership
  • Large Business – Over 20 Employees - $285.00 including GST Annual Membership

As a Member of the Macleay Valley Business Chamber we offer you:


  • Access to key business people
  • Access to contemporary business trends and current information through monthly e-newsletters and events
  • Access to well recognised training programs


  • A forum to share and discuss key issues with your peers
  • A forum for innovation and building new economic opportunities
  • A forum to raise issues of concern


  • Network: Build business with active business to business relationships
  • Connect with potential customers, suppliers and specialists
  • Connect with like-minded business people to formulate and build a strong representation on key issues.
  • Keep up to date on those issues and how they can positively affect your business.


  • NEW Showcase your business on the Macleay Valley Business Chamber Website through a detailed listing in our Business Directory
  • NEW Showcase your business across Macleay Valley Business Chamber social media platforms
  • Showcase your business in cooperative Marketing Campaigns
  • Build image with focused Sponsorship opportunities to further spread the good news about your business.
  • Take up the opportunity to enter, win and receive the accolades/promotion through the NSW Business Chamber Awards program. Nb: The Macleay Valley Business Chamber Award winner
    go through to the NSW Awards.
  • Participate in Co-Operative media familiarisations and inclusion in MVBC Media Releases, newsletters and selected presentations and promotions


  • Local Chamber Alliance Membership with the prestigious NSW Business Chamber
  • Access to the specialty services such as Propel Business Diagnostic tools to enhance your business performance
  • Access to services and programs that form part of a broader Alliance program negotiated on your behalf by the NSW Business Chamber


  • NEW A welcome to new members in our regular Monthly Newsletters
  • A welcome to new members at our monthly Networking Meetings
  • NEW A social media post welcoming you on our Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram). A thank you on renewal.
  • Subsidised rates for Chamber events and specialist B2B (Business to Business) and Training Events.
  • Regular email broadcasts on news and events
  • Use of the MVBC Marquee and Flags for your events

Ready to Join?

Complete our Application for Membership Now!

Ready to Join?

Complete our Application for Membership Now!

As part of our commitment to keeping the membership and the broader business community informed about developments, issues and initiatives that affect the Kempsey region we produce a monthly E-Newsletter. We welcome anyone to subscribe to the newsletter, members and non-members and there is no fee associated with subscription.

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