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A panel of eminent Australians should be established to remove some of the concerns over the proposed ‘tracing APP’ and ensure any personal information is appropriately handled and disposed of when the pandemic is over, according to the state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW.

“There seems some reticence from individuals in the community to download the APP, even though the Federal Government has been very clear about how and when the information will be used,” said Business NSW Regional Manager, Kellon Beard.

“Getting our way of life back – from businesses reopening to visiting cafes, kids sport on the weekend and family gatherings – these things can only happen again if we can stop the spread of this pandemic,” Mr Beard said.

“That’s why Business NSW is proposing that the Federal Government create a panel of eminent Australians charged with the responsibility of being the custodians of the data. The panel could include names from the political, business and cultural sectors that have the admiration and respect of their fellow citizens.

“Anecdotally, a number of members from across the Mid North Coast have told me they’ll be downloading the app as soon as it is available and will encourage all of their employees to do the same.

“Earlier this week Business NSW published data on the back of an ABS report which indicates almost a quarter of a million jobs have been lost in NSW since the start of the pandemic.

“We need to get the economy moving again and get those jobs back.

“Business people see this as an opportunity to help flatten and then remove the COVID-19 curve, which will then make the decision to re-open normal business practices a simpler one.

“It says a lot about the optimism and entrepreneurship of the business community. Despite many of them suffering incredible losses and having to close operations and stand down staff, they are looking to take steps that will assist the Government in allowing the doors to re-open.

“There’s naturally some reticence from people regarding the data collection and how it would be used, but the business community across NSW believes the end certainly justifies the means and it’s something as a society we can all do to help,” Mr Beard said.

About Business NSW

Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.