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Cinema Project Takes A Step

At a recent Macleay Valley Business Chamber meeting, attendees agreed to continue Chamber support for the Kempsey CBD Cinema project. While there have been changes to the structure of the funding model for the project, the Chamber continues to support the Cinema Project on the same principals that it will bring both social and economic benefits to our town.

Kempsey Council’s media release “Cinema Funding Alternative” on the 22nd November announced that construction is due to go ahead for the project through a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which will remove ongoing risk away from Council. Once the draft VPA is completed it will be placed on public exhibition via Council’s website.

The Council contribution identified for this project comes from existing unrestricted reserve funding meaning there is no borrowing or additional expense related to this expenditure. The Cinema project is projected to increase employment opportunities, social interaction, new business and business growth opportunities and increase activity in the CBD. It is an additional feature for residents and visitors to the region and will assist to retain spend in our community.

The Chamber places an importance on forward thinking particularly for large projects and believes we need to be active to bring new opportunities to our region.

“Having attended the Kempsey Shire Council Industry Forum last week, the view I received is that this was an opportunity for local businesses to provide their ideas and feedback directly to the State Government regarding infrastructure priorities and projects they believe are important for job growth in the Macleay and which match the NSW Government’s Restart NSW funding criteria.” said Gary Scott, Macleay Valley Business Chamber President.

“I would like to see that we leverage of some past NSW Business Chamber slogans and have our own local promotion along the lines of what are the 10 Big Ideas we need to see on the Macleay Valley as our mantra for the coming year.”

The Council Media release can be found at Those members who wish to register their individual support for the project can do so via the Macleay Argus article (scroll to the bottom for the survey)