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Slim Dusty Festival Business Opportunity

Shopper Docket and Sale Day Promotion

The Slim Dusty Festival will celebrate its 15th Anniversary over 15th Oct to 21st Oct 2018. Macleay Valley Businesses have an exciting opportunity to be promoted to visitors to this iconic event.

Organisers are busy preparing for a bumper year of entertainment at the festival and they are encouraging attendees to make the most of the Valley while they are here… this is where local business have an opportunity to make the most of the action!

The Slim Dusty Festival are offering two ways to get involved; the Shopper Docket and Sale Day promotions. They are separate, however also work hand in hand. Scroll down for more details.

Local community and business people are encouraged to take note of the entertainment program (and the rather inexpensive entry fee’s) and be sure to enjoy the Festival also! Like the Facebook page to keep up to date with the happenings.

CONTACT: Have any questions?  Just call the Slim Dusty Centre or email Pauline at

How to get involved:

Shopper Docket

The Shopper Docket promotion runs for the duration of the Festival (15 – 21 Oct).

Festival organisers encourage everyone at the Showground to keep their dockets, put their name and details on the back and place in the barrel at the showground. On the last day we draw out dockets and award prizes.

Local businesses are asked if they can donate a prize – donations can be big or small. (Discounts on food is not really ideal though as it is drawn on the last day) – this way we get maximum tally of expenditure.).  All businesses in the Valley are welcome to be part of the promotions!

If you can help with a donation, please call the Slim Dusty Centre or email Pauline at
Click here for more info

Sale Day

Tuesday 16th October

This is the focus day where we ask businesses to participate by dressing up their shop fronts, play Slim/Country music, dress up, etc.

Businesses are encourgaed to offer a deal or discount of sorts to visitors (and locals).  This may be a 10, 15 or 20% discount,  2 for 1 offer for meal, coffee, etc, beverage deals…. The options are endless.

To take advantage of promotions and drive customers to your business, you simply need to email the promotion and your logo. This will be can advertised at the showground and if timing allows in the program also.  All visitors staying at the showground have a wrist band for ID purposes.

Promotions encourage festival attendees to experience local life, so it would be great to get as many businesses as possible to participate on this one day.  You are welcome of course to offer the special deal for the week if they choose.  Please email details to

If you want to take full advantage of the Sale Day you may want to take up advertising in the The Local Independent Sale Day Feature too; check out their special offer here!