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Adopting new business models to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions

The Macleay Valley Business Chamber continues to support locals through the coronavirus pandemic and has said the changing of business models is keeping businesses afloat during this difficult time.

President of the Macleay Valley Business Chamber Scott Marsh said many businesses are starting to look towards how they will continue operating in a post-coronavirus society.

“Businesses are looking forward to favourable outcomes once we return to normal and restrictions are lifted,” he said.

“This has impacted a number of local businesses and business models have had to change to allow them to stay operational. Many retail and service businesses have started offering shopping, appointments and consultations by phone or online, and home deliveries with some looking at continuing these services once the pandemic is over as well.”

Mr Marsh believes although a number of businesses have been impacted, they will bounce back once restrictions are lifted.

“There have been downturns and losses for businesses, as well as people becoming unemployed, but it will heal and we will be supporting businesses on how best to come out of this.

“Food retailers in the area have noticed an increase in business, but they are concerned about the coming months because everyone has stocked up and business will slow down,” Mr Marsh said.

The chamber is encouraging impacted businesses to reach out and think of ways to continue serving the community in any capacity they can.

“We have been encouraging businesses to have an online presence where they can easily communicate with customers and keep them informed. It has also allowed businesses to shift from inside four walls.”

Mr Marsh is confident the Macleay Valley community will support each other through this difficult time.

“The businesses that I have spoken with are feeling the strength of the local support,” he said.

“Any business owner can reach out to us, they don’t have to be members of the chamber, and we will help them as much as we can. We are passionate about helping local businesses.”