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Kempsey NSW

Profit & Productivity in the Cloud

Come along to our 1 Thing @ Lunch with Ollie Brooke from Cloud Concepts.

Ollie helps small and medium business save time and money through technology.

Whether it is a tool for project management or field service staff management Ollie has the experience and technical skill to help.

Ollie is a firm believer that you can automate your business through cloud technology and reap the benefits of a powerful competitive advantage.

He has worked as a web developer since 2006 and really has the runs on the board developing and deploying cloud based software.

In this session Ollie will share his knowledge and experience:

  • An overview and broad explanation of cloud computing
  • Core advantage of cloud computing systems
  • An intro to “Google-for-Work” and other useful cloud based tools
  • An overview of using your website as a key part of your business systems
  • Great examples of cloud based systems helping businesses right now

1 Thing @ Lunch with Ollie Brooke Kempsey 8 June 2016 (1)